Braxton-Bragg Adds Premium Vinyl Ester to Stone Shield Adhesive Product LineBraxton-Bragg has added a premium-grade vinyl ester adhesive to the popular Stone Shield stone adhesive line. 

Product Manger Matt Maples said, “Our new vinyl ester has a different viscosity behavior than polyesters and most epoxies.  Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is softer in consistency, making it ideal for tight, no-drip vertical joints, and miters, seams, repairs and laminations.

“The product addresses a need in the stone industry for a premium-grade product at a competitive price. Vinyl ester technology has greatly reduced callbacks and rework on installations. It has simplified the fabricator’s and installer’s job, as it gives excellent results with all white, light and bright-colored surfaces.”

The Stone Shield Vinyl Ester formula offers the absolute best color consistency from can to cure, making it perfect for color matching any stone or surface, whether a natural stone or quartz product.  Due to the light or white-colored stone trend in the industry, Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is being offered as the go-to product for these light-hued stones. 

“Color matching is always more critical on lighter-colored surfaces. Our Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is translucent and tints well, providing excellent color-matching results,” said Maples.

The new Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is a medium viscosity, rated as a five in stiffness from a scale of one to ten – one being water flowing, and ten being the stiff viscosity of peanut butter. For comparison, Stone Shield Knife Grade Polyester is a 6-7 on the viscosity scale.

Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is now available in quart, gallon, Ship-Saver (five gallon boxes) and five-gallon pails for direct delivery. Stone Shield Vinyl Ester is for indoor use only.

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