25 Years – Braxton-Bragg’s Story in StoneIn 2019, Braxton-Bragg is celebrating 25 years of successful business! 

Founded in 1994 by Doug Slocum and partner Ron Weiler, Braxton-Bragg has grown from a start-up to a national distributor with international ties. Many employees have been with the company for 10, 15 and 20-plus years, and Braxton-Bragg has many long-term customers and vendor partners, as well. In the coming year, the Slippery Rock Gazette will tell some of their stories.

Braxton-Bragg’s product offering has increased exponentially. From the very beginning, one of the company’s main goals has been to provide world-class customer service. 

As part of their 25 year celebration, throughout 2019 they will share Good Deed Braggs, where BB employees will do and share 25 good deeds throughout the anniversary year, including community volunteer efforts, as well as stone industry-related volunteer work.

Look for continuous communication and updates throughout the year, as Braxton-Bragg and the Slippery Rock celebrate 25 years of past and present employees, customers and vendors, with events, sales, business and fun. 

Braxton-Bragg appreciates your partnership, and wants to grow with you over the next 25 years of Better Service, Better Value, Better Partnerships!