Diamut profiling wheels will be manufactured at the Charlotte, NC campus.

Diamut profiling wheels will be manufactured at the Charlotte, NC campus.

Diamut profiling wheels will be manufactured at the Charlotte, NC campus.

For the first time in its history, Biesse Group is opening a manufacturing facility on American soil to assemble Italian-engineered Diamut diamond profiling wheels for glass, stone and ceramic processing. When the new facility opened in mid-March on the Biesse Charlotte Campus in North Carolina, customers in the U.S. and Canada gained shorter lead times and customer service closer to home. 

Diamut became part of the Biesse Group in 2002, gaining a global distribution network with eight branches across the world. “Our new Diamut tool manufacturing facility will enable us to respond to growing market needs in our North American market and help us meet the expectations of Diamut customers worldwide,” said Federico Broccoli, President and CEO of Diamut America. “Having a manufacturing facility in Charlotte reinforces our desire to make our technology and innovative solutions available to any company looking to maintain competitiveness in their businesses. We are intent on building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers by guaranteeing the quickest delivery and the most customizable diamond tool. Customization is an especially important aspect of our process.” “We are devoted to our North-American customers, so establishing a presence to support them, as well as strengthening our distribution network, is a major priority for us,” said Alan Hooper, Diamut America and Canada Manufacturing Engineer. Gianluca Grianti, Diamut Tooling Division Director, said the new facility will benefit from a mix of Italian and American DNA. 

“The powerful blend of Italian engineering and American manufacturing has been successful in the past and has proven to provide a variety of technical advantages. All North American Diamut customers will benefit from all the value of Italian design and engineering combined with a uniquely American manufacturing mindset.”

The new manufacturing operation in the Charlotte, N.C. Airport Corridor will be co-located with the Diamut tool redressing facility that opened last September. It is part of a $3 million expansion of the Biesse Group Charlotte campus that will also include a 12,000-square-foot office addition and future enhancements.

To the company, it’s not really about just building a facility. Even more importantly, it is about creating high-caliber manufacturing and operational teams by acquiring skilled labor, highly qualified engineers and machine operators who have the decades-long experience it takes to create craftsman-level products and uphold the promise of the Diamut brand. “Biesse Group has been rapidly growing,” Hooper said, “so we must maintain the right mentality about how we approach our growth. We must always keep our customer at the forefront of everything we do in terms of developing new technology and always making sure we don’t forget the reason we are here.”  

To find out more about upcoming manufacturing capabilities in Charlotte, as well as current tool redressing options, customers can contact Biesse Group directly or get in touch with their preferred North American distributor, Braxton-Bragg at 800-575-4401.

For more information, contact marketing@diamutamerica.com.

Diamut is the division of Biesse Group dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of tools for processing glass, stone and synthetic materials. Founded over 30 years ago, the company has evolved as part of Biesse. Diamut tools are developed and tested on Intermac machines and carefully curated for use in the most demanding machining applications.