Vandalism, Schmandalism

In the Arctic region of Murmansk in Russia, an abandoned railway bridge was the quarry of ambitious metal thieves who removed the 75-foot-long center span, leaving only the support structures near either shore.

Locals noticed the section of the bridge was missing in May, reported the BBC. While the missing span would have weighed about 62 tons, it was estimated to be worth only about $9,000 (U.S.). Russian law enforcement is looking into the theft, but locals are nonplussed: One mused that the remaining structures would be “eyesores” for a long time to come, then shrugged: “Ah, who cares; this isn’t Germany. Restoring order to the landscape is not high on the agenda.”


Russians Lending a Hand

Male Slapping Championships, part of the Siberian Power ShowMen looking for diversion in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, entered the Male Slapping Championships, part of the Siberian Power Show, in March, wherein contestants slap each other so hard that some of them sustain concussions.

And now, according to RT News, female Siberians now have their own contest called the “Booty-Slapping” Championships. For this event, which took place in mid-June, the women, all fitness enthusiasts, take turns whacking each other on the derrière until one is knocked off balance. 

Fitness blogger Anastasia Zolotaya, one of the contest’s winners, features demonstrations of the serious workouts she uses to toughen her buns on her Instagram page, encouraging her fans that they, too, can be a champion butt-slapper.

We aren’t kidding. We couldn’t make up anything this weird.