Puma 1– 3/8 Inch T-Segment Core Bit

Puma 1– 3/8 Inch T-Segment Core Bit

The Weha Puma 1-3/8-inch T-Segment core bit is designed with side diamond segments for fast cutting of granite, quartz, marble, and even quartzite.

Made with a T-segment that drops into the steel body, this strong design allows the Puma Core Bit to take even greater abuse while drilling by hand into stone. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a segment breaking off when “wobbling” the core bit during the hand-drilling process.

The Weha Puma T-Segment has a full drilling depth of 2-3/4 inches even when the segment is worn completely down. This gives plenty of drilling depth for all countertop applications, but short enough to offer solid control when drilling.
The Puma -Segment core bit has vacuum brazed diamonds on the outside core to help with the hand-drilling process. It also helps if you need to make the hole just a little bigger, and to clean up the hole as well. The four turbo-style diamond segments act like a typical turbo diamond blade by allowing air and water (when run wet) to get in the segment while drilling, as well as channel the dust out to help cut and core faster.

The Puma T-Segment diamond core bit is a very affordable core bit that offers outstanding performance.


  • Diameter: 1- 3/8 inches
  • Thread: 5/8”-11
  • Total length: 4 inches
  • Drilling depth: min 2 ¾ inches – max 3 inches, when bit is new.
  • Max RPMS: 6500
  • Use: Dry or Wet
  • Recommended Materials: Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Engineered Stone


Weha Offers Red Cat Blades Series

Red Cat Diamond Bridge Saw and Diamond Turbo Blades

Weha Red Cat Turbo Blades for All Natural and Man-Made Stone Surfaces

Weha Red Cat Turbo Blades for All Natural and Man-Made Stone Surfaces

Weha Red Cat Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Weha Red Cat Bridge Saw Blades are a steady running blaade for granite, quartz, marble, and even quartzite.

These are dependable blades at a great price point, designed to be a good blade for all stone types. This silent core bridge saw blade is a great for doing 45 degree miters as well with no deflecting. 

The Red Cat is designed to run up to 80 inches per minute, with steady, tried and true cutting. If your saw has auto settings, set the saw to monitor amps and let it cut. 

The Red Cat is built with 15 mm height tapered segments designed as open cutting segments. Use with plenty of water to keep it sharp and cutting clean and consistent,  
with very little chatter or chipping. The Weha Red Cat will cut all the way to the core and deliver maximum life out of the blade.

The Red Cat blade is made for shops that want an all-around good blade at the best price possible. 


  • 60/50 arbor
  • 15mm height segment
  • 3.3mm thick segment
  • Available in 14, 16 and 18 inch diameter

Weha Red Cat Turbo Blades are designed for granite and all natural stones, and also engineered stone and quartz

The Weha Red Cat Turbo blade is designed to work equally well on granite, quartz, and engineered stone, and is offered at a great price point. Red Cat Turbo blades cut fast, sinking into the stone with ease. The simple weight of the grinder is enough to make them cut through granite and quartz easily.

The combination of a full 8mm of diamonds in tight, narrow turbo diamond segments allows clean, fast cuts and a lot of life.
Weha Red Cat Diamond Turbo Blades come with 7/8-5/8 inch arbor and four quad holes for flush cutting using a quad adapter. Red Cat blades can be used wet or dry on all materials.


  • Wet or dry cutting
  • 7/8-5/8 inch arbor
  • Quad holes for flush cutting
  • 8mm diamond rim
  • Available in 5 and 6 inch

For more information see www.wehausa.com or contact their authorized distributor, Braxton-Bragg.