Capitol Police in Montpelier, Vermont, discovered dozens of cannabis plants growing in the flower beds along a walkway at the Statehouse one morning this past July. 

Police Chief Matthew Romei told NBC5 that it was unclear whether the more than 30 plants were marijuana or hemp, and they don’t know who planted them. But since there is no criminal case, officials don’t plan to have the plants tested. 

“It’s legal to cultivate, but there are limits on where you can do it, and the Statehouse flower beds certainly aren’t one of those permissible sites,” Romei said. “If there is a typical Vermont story, this is probably it.” 

Nice Chap, Brilliant Cake

A kindly, well-intentioned grandfather, who just wanted to treat nurses at Warrington Hospital in Cheshire, England, for the good care given to a relative, unwittingly gave them a red velvet cake laced with cannabis.

According to Sky News, the man got the leftover cake from his grandson’s 18th birthday party and presented it to staff at the hospital. An unnamed staff member said three or four of the nurses were “off their faces” afterward, and another noted how “relaxed” they were. Cheshire police reportedly took away what remained of the cake after the incident. How the constables “destroyed” the cake, and whether they had ice cream with it, is the real question.