Ignite Consulting Group Taps SSG to Bring a Revolutionary Product to Countertop Fabricator Shops of All Sizes

Stone Services Group (SSG)The newly formed Stone Services Group (SSG) is excited to announce its immediate engagement with Ignite Consulting Group (ICG) to sell and market ICG’s industry-specific selling software, Hot Sauce. SSG is a fabricator-focused services company that partners with countertop fabricators to implement new tools and processes that grow sales and increase profits.

SSG was formed when industry experts came together to identify the unique needs of countertop fabricators. SSG is led by Rich Katzmann, former President of Laser Products Industries; Kyle Welker, General Manager of Precision Measuring & Training (PMT); and four other individuals who offer more than 50 years of industry experience in operations, customer service/sales, templating, scheduling, and programming. 

ICG, designer and developer of Hot Sauce, the comprehensive, easy-to-use software system that can boost profit immediately, has partnered with SSG to officially launch its revolutionary product. The system is entirely turnkey with pre-set software built for customer interaction and purchase. It also includes more than 50 unique, upsell items collected over the years to immediately add profit. In fact, more than 75 percent of the items in the collection have no cost of goods and generate pure earnings. 

“SSG’s launch is already at fever pitch,” explains SSG’s Katzmann. “Not only have we launched a much requested and entirely unique business services company in the stone industry, our first client, ICG’s Geoffrey Gran, is a true leader and innovator. We are thrilled to partner with him, and sell and market his Hot Sauce software.” 

“The countertop industry can be difficult, and many fabricators are excellent at producing countertops but sometimes struggle with sales, marketing and improving profits,” explains Gran. “Our goal at ICG is to provide simple solutions that provide instant returns for our Customers. SSG has an experience knowledge base of our industry and combines that with strategic thinking and best practices. We know how powerful the Hot Sauce software is and the immediate impact it makes on a company’s bottom line, and SSG will help get the word out to the entire fabrication network.” 

For more information about Stone Services Group, visit stoneservicesgroup.com or call 815-210-1006.
For more information about Hot Sauce, visit www.hotsauceyourtops.com or call SSG at 815-210-1006. 

Founded in 2019, Stone Services Group is a fabricator-focused firm offering growth, placement, scheduling and technology services to the countertop industry by utilizing more than 50 years of expertise across many key areas of a shop. The company is anchored by Rich Katzmann, who, in addition to formerly running Laser Products, has been CEO of the nation’s largest templating and training firm. Katzmann is an active member of Women in Stone, and he is a Director of Natural Stone Institute’s Natural Stone Foundation. Katzmann is joined by stone professionals who have worked for all-sized fabricators throughout the country. 

Ignite Consulting Group was founded by Geoffrey Gran and Bill Heuer, who also own one of the largest countertop manufacturing companies in the Midwest. Gran and Heuer, both classically trained in corporate sales and marketing, have been deeply involved in this industry since they opened their company in 2005. They are active members of the Rockheads Group, the Artisan Group, the International Surface Fabricators Alliance, the Stone Fabricators Alliance and the Natural Stone Institute (accredited member).