Due to the growing demand in international markets for superior Italian marble, Margraf has boosted the production capacity in its Chiampo facility (near Vicenza) and invested in a new robotic resin coating unit for slabs (which enhances the quality of the materials by improving their durability and flexibility). 

The robotic resin coating system produced by Simak can treat process multiple slabs at one time with an automated resin spraying and oven curing system.

The robotic resin coating system produced by Simak can treat process multiple slabs at one time with an automated resin spraying and oven curing system.

Simec produced the fully- automated resining unit. It can be used to coat materials on both sides, and features no fewer than three drying and catalysis ovens, automatic resin distribution and spraying systems, a reinforcement mesh roller and a tray return system. 

At the heart of the unit are three ovens, which guarantee high productivity and keep the quality of the output high in all weather conditions, while also reducing energy use.

The materials go through the ovens in a cyclical process. Consequently, they can remain inside until the drying or catalysis process is completed without slowing down the unit’s production speed. 

Significant energy savings are made thanks to a combination of meticulous insulation solutions and an efficient circulation system for the air, which is extracted and put back into the ovens.

The substantial investment in this new production unit has underlined Margraf’s status as a cutting-edge company that can respond promptly and effectively, and also offer the market beautiful, high-quality solutions for prestigious projects.

Margraf’s story (formerly Industria Marmi Vicentini) started in Chiampo, Italy (a province of Vicenza) in 1906. Since its beginning, the company has devoted itself to accurate research work and developing new technologies, working in close collaboration with famous international architects, producing a full range of marble products from finished, polished slabs to tiny tiles.

For more information on their projects and materials, please visit www.margraf.it.