Braxton-Bragg 2020 Product CatalogThe Braxton-Bragg 2020 catalog is here with hundreds of exciting new products.  One of the newest product lines featured in the catalog is the Viper Venom turbo line of blades for cutting granite, quartzite and other materials. They are manufactured using medium frequency sintering technology, a slightly different manufacturing process from the standard Viper turbo blades. This technology equally distributes heat during the sintering process, producing a blade that is stable and reliable, assuring the user a clean cut every time.
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Braxton-Bragg is also very proud to offer Superior Gold adhesives as a new product for 2020. These adhesives are perfectly suited for use on nearly all stone surfaces, including both natural and sintered stones and quartz, as well as solid surfaces. Superior Gold is translucent in color, making it an ideal choice for invisible joints, especially for light or white colored stones. Using cutting-edge resin technology, and cured with only a one percent or two percent white paste hardener it outperforms epoxy systems, setting up in only 20 minutes. There is no product on the market that can compete with Superior Gold adhesives, which truly lives up to their name.
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If you did not receive a Braxton-Bragg 2020 Catalog in the mail in January, please give them a call toll-free to request one at 800-575-4401. Meanwhile, check out all of the newest offerings at

For over 25 years Braxton-Bragg’s philosophy has been to offer exceptional products and first-class service to its partners in the stone, tile and concrete industries.
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