Standards will cover solid surface countertops and other applications

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) is proud to announce it will be working with the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) to generate the upcoming AWI/ISFA 0661 – Cast Polymer Fabrications Standard. The AWI Standards Development Team will be working alongside members of ISFA to develop these universal standards.

For more than 20 years, ISFA has been the leading association for the surfacing industry, and is currently the only trade association with published standards for solid surface fabrication. AWI is the widely-accepted global leader in architectural woodwork standards.

AWI is enlisting the help of Subject Expert Review Teams (SERT) to ensure the standards will best meet the needs of the architectural woodwork community as a whole. Members of ISFA will be also giving direct input on the AWI 1236 – Countertops Standard with regards to the implementation of solid surface.

Furthermore, ISFA will be assisting AWI with the development of requirements for solid surface within other standards for applications other than countertops.

The AWI team will begin recruiting members for the SERT segments to assist in the development of these upcoming standards, beginning in January 2020.

Volunteer participants in the SERT from ISFA are as follows: Russ Berry, of ASST; Gary Bohr, of Innovative Surface Works; Rico Conde, of Wilsonart; ISFA Solid Surface Trainer Chris Pappenfort; Keith Haight, of Durasein; and Chuck Sawyer, retired ISFA Executive Director and industry veteran.

The SERTs will be responsible for vetting the standards’ content to ensure accuracy and consistency within the documents, as they relate to each team’s area of expertise. Once the solid surface standards are finalized, ISFA and AWI will begin work on quartz surfacing fabrication standards via a similar process.

“We are both glad to assist in developing more universal standards and proud to be working with such a reputable organization as AWI,” said ISFA Executive Director Amy Miller. “We are confident the efforts of our members involved in this process will be a great contribution to the future of solid surface fabrication.”

“We’re excited about the new partnership with ISFA, as well as the participation of the subject expert reviewers,” said AWI Technical Director Ashley Goodin. “We believe that these collaborative efforts will help us to develop a product that will increase ease of use of the standards and increase uniformity within different facets of the architectural woodwork industry. It is our hope that these efforts will benefit the industry for years to come.”

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to helping its members become more profitable through education, fostering professionalism and promoting the countertop industry. For more information contact Executive Director Amy Miller at 888-599-ISFA or  .