Engineering for the Future

Wood’s Powr-Grip announces upgrades to their Vacuum Cups.

Wood’s Powr-Grip announces upgrades to their Vacuum Cups.

Wood’s Powr-Grip® developed the first Hand-Held Vacuum Cups in the 1960’s and has gained the reputation of being the gold standard in glass, stone and metal materials handling. This has been achieved through a commitment to high standards for quality, design and safety. 

The recent disruptions in global supply networks and related material cost increases have revealed a need to future-proof the Hand Cups that so many people have come to trust and depend on. After conducting a new engineering analysis and streamlining their manufacturing processes, WPG will be making some minor but meaningful updates to our best-selling Hand Cups.

What’s Changed?

Aluminum plungers will replace brass plungers to help avoid disruptions in material supply.

New vacuum pads will provide superior grip, as well as easier attachment to lightly textured surfaces. 

Improved metal handles with an updated coating will provide a more secure hand-hold.

What Hasn’t Changed?

The Price: One goal of the refit project is to protect customers against future price increases. The company expects that investment in manufacturing efficiencies will largely pay for themselves.

Operation: Wood’s Hand Cups will operate in the same user-friendly, ergonomic way you’re used to.

Design standards and commitment to quality: The new Hand Cups are designed with the same strict engineering standards and pass the same inspections as before. Each cup is individually tested before ever leaving their facility.

Replacement parts: Other than a new number for the vacuum pad, the replacement part SKU’s will not change. Instructions and their website will give users the correct parts information.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Wood’s Powr-Grip understands that changes to tried and trusted products may be unexpected. But they guarantee that the only changes customers will notice are good ones – the best being the future-proofing of the Hand Cups fabricators rely on to do jobs safely! The redesigned hand cups began shipping in July.

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