Stone Forensics Extends Tuition Reduction on Training ProgramsDo you know how to tell if tile or stone has been set with the spot method without a destructive test? How to use UV dye to find leaks in a shower pan? How to tell when a crack in stone occurred? How to use a protimeter? How to determine if a vapor barrier has been punctured, non-destructively? How to use a nitrate test to determine the origin of efflorescence? And would you like to learn how you can earn up to $300 per hour conducting stone and tile inspections?

These are only a small sample of what you will learn in the Stone & Tile Inspection course. 

A Live Class is now scheduled for January 25-28, 2021 in Las Vegas.

You can register to attend the live seminar or take the correspondence course, now being offered at half-off the regular price. Fred Hueston of Stone Forensics will issue an update in the fall, if conditions warrant. If the live class is canceled due a second wave of the pandemic, it will be conducted live via Zoom.

In an announcement in July, Hueston extended half-price seminar fees covering some of the most popular courses.

“Until the coronavirus crisis has passed, many stone and tile specialists will be unable to work. Now is a good time to get that education you have been putting off,”  Hueston said.

Stone Forensics has several self-guided voiced-over power point presentations that you can view and listen to.

Hueston will also be hosting some round table discussions to discuss various subjects in the stone and tile business. If you have an idea, please contact him and let me know what you would like to learn.

Some of his new and regular training topics include:

Stone and Tile Inspection and Troubleshooting
– regularly $1500, now only $750.00

Stone Restoration 101
$499.00, now only $250.00

Historic Stone Restoration
$599.00, now only $300.00

Engineered Stone Repair and Restoration 
$299.00, now available for only $150.00.

For more information, go to and click on the training tab or call Dr. Fred at 321-514-6845.