Lost and Found

Chris Marckres of Hyde Park, Vermont, went skydiving on July 25, but, he told NECN, “I think my adrenaline was so high and I was just so excited, I didn't realize I had lost it.” 

“It” was one of Marckres' two prosthetic legs. The double amputee was harnessed to an instructor and landed safely, but he didn't know where the leg ended up. His plea for help on Facebook was answered the next day by farmer Joe Marszalkowski, who found the prosthetic in his soybean field. Marckres said the leg suffered a few scratches but was otherwise unharmed. 

“We kind of take for granted sometimes how many truly good people there still are in the world,” Marckres said


Mike Evans of Woodson Terrace, Missouri, went for a five-mile float trip with friends on the Meramec River on July 25 and decided to get out of the raft and walk behind it in the water for a bit. As the water got deeper, he had to swim to catch the raft, and as he climbed back in, Evans discovered his prosthetic leg was gone, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. 

He searched with no luck, but a Missouri state trooper responding to a call nearby heard about the loss and coordinated a dive team to help. It took divers a couple of hours the next day to find the leg, saving Evans about $27,000 to replace it. “It was a happy ending to a stressful few days,” Evans said.