Architects, specifiers, general contractors, and homeowners will now have access to a brand new Find an Accredited Company Tool. Company listings are displayed according to their expanded territory, not simply their physical location. This functionality will help to achieve the coveted “critical mass” needed for Accreditation language to be meaningful in a specification. 

This tool is being actively promoted to specifiers through BSD Speclink, an innovative specification writing software, and additional direct outreach. It will also be referenced through other specification guidance resources used by design professionals such as Masterspec and the Natural Stone Institute’s Sample Quality Assurance Language document. 

For Accredited fabricators who focus primarily on residential projects, the tool will be advertised through Google Ads targeting people currently in the market for countertops. 

Accreditation is quickly becoming more valuable to natural stone countertop fabricators and installers. If your company is interested in learning more about what it takes to obtain the credential, please contact Mark Meriaux: 

To learn more about the Natural Stone Institute Accreditation program, visit