Polycor has developed brand-new Health Product Declarations (HPDs) available from their website.

What Are HPDs

The HPD Open Standard provides a framework for product manufacturers to report and disclose information about product and associated health information.

The use of HPDs is one of the most common and easy ways to gather documentation for compliance with LEED®, WELL or the Living Building Challenge, etcetera.

Polycor developed HPDs for the following products:

  • Granite (all granites)
  • Marble (all marbles)
  • Limestone (all limestones)
  • Granite Composite Products (all products with backings)
  • Marble Composite Products (all products with backings)
  • Limestone Composite Products (all products with backings).

Polycor encourages fabricators and masons to download their HPDs along with their NSC 373 certificates and the Hardscapes Solar Reflectance Index.

For more information visit polycor.com .