Big Winners Announced in BB Industries’ Football Pick ‘Em PoolGary Norwood of Florida Custom Marble will be able to enjoy the NFL playoffs on his new big screen TV, and we will probably be able to hear the games in Knoxville with the sound bar he won for picking the most NFL game wins at 178. 

“With all the stress of COVID, we wanted to offer our customers and some other industry folks the opportunity to escape and maybe win some prizes,” said BB Industries VP of Sales & Marketing Jeff Dykstra, creator of the contest. “We accomplished that goal with some heavy competition.  I think we all learned that there are some serious NFL fans and possibly serious gamblers in the stone industry! Just like many teams’ playoff hopes, our contest came down to the last week, with a few contestants tied for the big prize. Gary came out with a 1 point lead to take the prizes home. We appreciate all the participants and they are all winners to us.” 

“First off, I want to thank BB Industries for being a great trade partner and sponsoring this event,” said Norwood. “The NFL Pick ‘Em Pool was a great way to have a little fun while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that has made this past year really tough on everyone. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate, and I am excited to watch the Super Bowl on my new 75-inch Ultra High Def. TV and Sound Bar. Thanks again to everyone From BB Industries. You all made my year!”

Runners-up included Rick Bowers and Bill Sumner for second and third place. Fourth, fifth and sixth place went to Geno Gonzales, Brett Shelton and Rick Urseil. 

“We couldn’t have made the weekly prizes and grand prize happen without our generous sponsors: Sinkits, Cooktop Bag, SPPS / Steve’s Polishing Pro System, Zenesis, Flex, Hercules, Stone Shield and Viper,” added Dykstra. “Their partnership is very appreciated and made our contest what it was.” 

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