Cambria Company LLC and Cosentino Group, both leading producers of quartz surfaces, have announced a settlement in the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Cambria.

In September 2020, Cambria filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States District Court of the Western District of Texas against Cosentino, seeking damages and an injunction to stop the sale of products infringing Cambria’s patented technology regarding quartz surface products with veins. Through litigation, Cambria has determined that Cosentino’s infringement of its patents, if any, was unintentional.

No specific terms were available on the settlement of Cambria’s action against Cosentino, although a news release by Cambria noted that it had been “fully compensated by Cosentino.” As part of the confidential settlement, both parties agree that they will maintain and respect their respective intellectual property rights and patent portfolios. 

Both industry leaders reinforce their commitment to continue to defend their technology and highlight the importance of fighting against unfair practices in the market. 

Cambria CEO and President Marty Davis explains, “We have always had high regard for and good relations with the Cosentino company and the Cosentino family; we are most pleased to reach this settlement agreement.”