Tenax Announces New  Neutral Silicon Sealant

Tenax has announced the launch of a new, neutral silicon sealant named  Si, after the symbol for the element Silicon in the periodic table of elements.

The single-component, neutral-curing sealant is suitable for white and crystalline marbles, granites, porous stones, quartz and ceramics. Si is particularly suitable for natural stones, but can also be applied to cement, wood, glass, glazed surfaces, aluminum, plywood and laminates without damaging the materials.

Odorless and non-toxic, Si Sealant does not shrink or crumble when cured, and as a bonus is resistant to mold and UV rays. Solvent-free, no primer is needed before painting, if desired.

The new product is currently available in white and transparent formulations. 

For more information visit www.tenax4you.com .