G-Clip setBraxton-Bragg has been appointed the sole distributor of G-Clip products in North America.

The G-Clip is a great new system that allows you to easily and professionally install undermount sinks. The G-Clip eliminates the concern fabricators face with the potential of sink fall-out, and eliminates the need for temporary supports that require a return trip to remove. While some anchoring systems require expensive tools to do the job, the G-Clip system can be mounted with a blade and grinder, tools familiar to most fabricators and installers. In less than 15 minutes a sink can be securely installed. Most undermount systems require silicone to hold the weight of the sink. With the revolutionary G-Clip, silicone is only needed for what it was designed to do–seal against water.

Imagine the benefits: no need to build a support system or use temporary supports until the silicone cures.

The G-Clip works equally well for ceramic or stainless steel undermount sinks.

G-Clips eliminate the need for temporary supports and time and money wasted on return trips to remove them, provide a quick and easy installation solution, give professional results, and provide reliable, secure support, every time.

For additional information on the G-Clip, contact a Braxton-Bragg sales rep toll free at 1-800-575-4401.

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