Braxton-Bragg announces the addition of a new sales representative to the company sales force. 

Mike King has strong roots in East Tennessee and a local family history dating back well over 200 years. With a background in customer service, Mike will add his skills in working with clients to assist Braxton-Bragg customers with all their needs. 

King finds every aspect of the stone, tile and concrete industry interesting, and will continue to build his knowledge base. “I’m having a fun time… learning all that I can about what we offer, the various kinds of techniques used to process stone and prep concrete, and the many types of natural stone, quartz and concrete that can be worked to make a variety of hard-surface products,” he quipped. With this kind of enthusiasm, it is hardly a wonder that King fits in well with the Braxton-Bragg sales staff.

Mike is married with three children. With additional training in the culinary arts, Braxton-Bragg is looking forward to not only a great asset in their talented and knowledgeable sales department, but also some terrific dishes at the next company cook-off!

For additional information on Braxton-Bragg products, contact any of their sales reps toll free, 1-800-575-4401.

Braxton-Bragg offers a full range of fabrication tooling and installation accessories including sinks, installation hardware, and every tool and piece of equipment needed to run a professional stone, tile, and polished concrete shop. For more information about Braxton-Bragg and its publications and products, contact them toll-free at 800-575-4401 or visit the website for current sales and new products.