It was announced in Early October that Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products and Delta Performance Products LLC finalized a partnership agreement.     

“I am very excited by the opportunity to utilize the Blueconcrete™ technology and advanced products that have been developed by the Delta Performance team. Our customers are really going to be the big winners as a result of this partnership” said Buddy Rhodes. Shawn Hays, President of Delta Performance added “Buddy Rhodes has developed a great brand and reputation for quality products. We look forward to working with Buddy to grow and expand the product offering.” 

The fact is Buddy and Shawn have informally worked together for a number of years. Now as the relationship has grown into a formal business agreement the customers of both companies will see great benefits as a result. 

Buddy will continue to be a vital part of the new Delta team as well as continue to develop and test products as a part of his ongoing Buddy Rhodes Studio Inc. business.

About Delta Performance Products LLC

Based in Covington Georgia, Delta Performance provides pigment and admixture solutions to the concrete trade. Delta is home to Blue Concrete, suppliers to the professional architectural concrete market, as well as Mandala Studio, Manufacturers of artisan architectural concrete.