Braxton-Bragg continues to pursue its mission to be a one-stop resource for customers with the addition of a comprehensive installation guide for I-Brace products to its website.

Found at I-BraceCountertopSupport, the new PDF format guide brings together installation sheets for the entire family of I-Brace products in one convenient document.

“The document shows you all the configurations that a fabricator might run into or that an installer might face,” said Braxton-Bragg Product Manager Steve Bussell. “It shows you the specific locations for the brace, and it describes how you’d prep the surface.”

The revolutionary I-Brace products, manufactured by InnoTops LLC, support overhangs on granite and concrete breakfast bars and islands without the use of corbels or wood supports. The recently released L-Brace is designed to offer additional support for upper bars. The new product takes the design of the dependable UpperBrace a step further and adds an additional fastening point. 

InnoTops products can be installed without the use of special hardware or tools. All that’s needed is a 2 x 4, screws, and construction adhesive. 

InnoTops creates innovative products to help fabricators and installers be more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Providing ever-better technical support for customers is very important, Bussell said, citing an example of a customer who used a competing product without proper installation documentation. The overhang collapsed onto the counter below, breaking it and embarrassing the installer. Needless to say, the customer has switched to I-Brace products.

For additional information on these products, contact the sales reps at Braxton-Bragg. Call toll-free, 1-800-575-4401. The L-Brace, I-Brace, I-Brace XL, and UpperBrace are available exclusively through Braxton-Bragg.

Braxton-Bragg offers a full range of fabrication tooling and installation accessories including sinks, installation hardware, and every tool and piece of equipment needed to run a professional stone, tile, and polished concrete shop. 

For more information about Braxton-Bragg and its publications and products, contact them toll-free at 800-575-4401 or visit the website for current sales and new products.