The White Collection is offered in multiple “icy” colors, including white brick and polar diamond. Miami-based Surfaces, Inc., one of America’s premier producers and suppliers of glass tile, has announced an incredibly unique glass wall tile series, the White Collection.

With the refreshing look of an arctic glacier and the cleanliness of a fresh snowy landscape, the White Collection offers all of theses sensations in the whitest wall tile currently available in the market.

“The White Collection was not only created to be beautiful, but to evoke a feeling of crisp, clean, coolness. It feels like you are surrounded by glaciers,” said Albert Clairmonte, President of Surfaces.

The collection is available in four varieties: 12˝ x 12˝ sheets containing thirty-six 2˝ x 2˝  chips, 12˝ x13˝ sheets of 1˝x 2˝ chips, 13˝x12˝ sheets of varied sized chips, 5˝ x 10˝ liner tiles, and 4˝ x 10˝ tiles. To add to the aesthetic variation, the line is offered in multiple “icy” colors, including white brick and polar diamond. 

About Surfaces 

Miami-based Surfaces is constantly creating new products. The firm created the first iPhone App for the tile industry. Surfaces recently forged an agreement to market a line of glass mosaics in conjunction with Crayola, LLC, the Easton, PA-based brand known for its iconic art tools that inspire kids’ creative expression, which has 99% name recognition in U.S. consumer households. For more information, please contact Nauro Rezende at Surfaces, Inc.  305-372-9787 or visit the Surfaces website: