Stone Pro SR2 Vacuum Support Rail SystemBraxton-Bragg offers the new Stone Pro SR2 Vacuum Support Rail System, which delivers exponentially better suction and more flexibility than competing systems.       

Using technology originally developed for CNC machines as a jumping off point, SR2 Vacuum Support Rail System gives fabricators far more options for handling stone than the alternatives. There is no other product that can vacuum to stone that has a textured surface. The system also works great on polished stone surfaces as well, Product Manager Steve Bussell said. “They’ve used technology designed to grip stone. It takes it a step higher in the strength of the product.”

Stone Pro SR2 Vacuum Support Rail SystemHere are some of the advantages of the SR2 Vacuum Support Rail System:

  • Each SR2 has four adjustable suction cups connected in a series and is powered by one power unit in the base cup
  • Each suction cup can be independently positioned by simply sliding laterally
  • The design allows to vacuum textured and polished surfaces with no problem
  • Utilizes an integrated alkaline 12-volt power supply, maximizing longer running times
  • Equipped with an easy access relief valve for quick evacuation and removal
  • Lightweight and durable design

Many competing suction cup assemblies require manual pumping or simply do not have the holding power that the SR2 Vacuum Support Rail System musters. “You’ve got twenty minutes to work,” Bussell said. “This one holds the stone for up to eight hours.”

The system’s super-rigid rail is constructed of extruded aluminum. It will not allow the stone to bow. The suction cup assembly also offers definite advantages over other systems, Bussell said. “The suction cups have foam rings around them,” he said. “It allows it to suction to porous materials. The suction cups can also be adjusted to any section of the stone. Just simply slide it into place where it’s needed.”

All in all, the SR2 Vacuum Support Rail System provides more value to the fabricator for its price than competing systems, Bussell said.

“I’m not aware of any other product with a suction cup assembly like this,” he said. “We’re excited about the product.”

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