Husqvarna GM 3000 Grout and Concrete Hole FillerWhen it comes to polished concrete, the perfect result requires a perfect foundation, and Braxton-Bragg is now giving fabricators an economical solution to material flaws. 

Braxton-Bragg now offers Husqvarna GM 3000 Grout and Concrete Hole Filler, the perfect solution for imperfect conditions when attempting to polish concrete. The new product was thoroughly tested during the most recent Braxton-Bragg/WerkMaster Training Seminar in March.

Concrete can hold unseen flaws and imperfections lurking just below the surface. Craftsmen may have done the best job they could during the pouring, but not everyone plans for changing technology and the desires of customers. For instance, if a customer wishes that that previously poured concrete be polished, the material itself may work against perfect results, Product Manager Steve Bussell said.

“They didn’t count on somebody grinding off the top,” Bussell said. “As you are preparing the concrete for polishing and grinding it down, you can actually expose a lot of pores and pits. You have all these voids in it,” he said. “What you need is a way to fill those voids and make it an even surface.”

GM 3000 is specifically formulated for re-grouting and hole-filling in concrete surfaces. It is effective for patching and filling small air pockets, pin holes, and aggregate pop-outs when polishing concrete floors. Using this product during concrete floor grinding will ensure a more uniform surfce and za higher gloss meter reading, Bussell said. 

When applied, the filler binds with the powdered concrete produced by the grinding, Bussell said. “Now you can really polish it. It’s hard. There are no voids. All of those are filled. You’ve got an ideal surface to polish.

“This lets you take that imperfect floor and gives you the best start you can possibly have.”

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