loyaltyDogs are called man’s best friend, but a dog in Garibaldi, Brazil named Max proved that in a dramatic way by saving his owner, Osmar, from carjackers, and getting shot in the process.

Osmar had just parked his truck in the field that he and Max always came to for play sessions and was getting out of the truck when two men with guns rushed up and demanded his truck keys.

Osmar tried to resist and fight the men, but they started shooting and grazed him on his forehead, causing a bloody, but not fatal, head wound.

However, Max took offense to this attack on his master and leaped into action to protect him.

Osmar said that his dog saw the blood and went mad. He leaped up and attacked the men, causing one to run away.

Max had saved his owner’s life by fighting off one would-be truck thief, but he was not done yet. Max then got ahold of the other one, who shot Max. 

Max was shot several times both in the chest and in his front leg. The man finally ran off, leaving Max bleeding and hurt.

Thankfully, Osmar was able to get Max to a veterinarian’s office close by and they were able to save his life. Max had to wear a cast on his broken leg, but is expected to recover fully.

True love made Max jump into the path of the bullets, says Osmar.

He says that Max definitely saved his life and that he knows without him that he would be dead.

Max, says Osmar, is a true hero.