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Nike of Samothrace Samothrace Island, Greece
_____________________ F.H.L.I. Kiriakidis Marbles-Granites
Drama, Greece
   Judges Comments: “Weighing nearly 5-1/2 tons, this full-sized reproduction of the ancient Grecian stat- ue housed in the Louvre was crafted as an homage and do- nated to the Island of Samo- thrace. It wasn’t a design de- cision to copy a masterpiece, but rather one of skilled ex- ecution.The artisans set out to replicate an iconic, hand- crafted sculpture using con- temporary 3-D scanning and CNC machinery, and they were successful.
“This project is remarkable in the translation of tech- nology to such intricate and hand-tooled detail, and its exquisite stone choice and management of the rare, blemish-free material. Congratulations to F.H.L.I. Kiriakidis Marbles-Granites.”
       Judges Comments: “This 19-tread solid ba- salt “floating” stair is an engineering masterpiece. It becomes a unique solu- tion for the addition of this showpiece element in the home’s renova-
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Slippery rock Gazette
     The Floating Stair Toronto, ON Canada
PICCO Engineering
Concord, Ontario, Canada
 tion, earning high marks from the jury for techni- cal merit. The engineer- ing is quite compelling and complex, especially with the use of a tension cable system to hold it together. Stone fabri- cation required precise coordination and care to ensure cable alignment. We’ve not seen stairs put together like this before! Congratulations to Pico Engineering. We would also like to congratulate NSI member company Precision Stone for their involvement.”
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