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Slippery rock Gazette
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July 2021|21
Hillsdale College Christ Chapel Hillsdale, MI
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion Hollywood, FL
Twin Stone Designs & Installations
Booms Stone Company
Redford, MI
Hollywood, FL
 Judges Comments: “We appreciated the choice of stone size and shape and the combination of colors. The exe- cution was beautiful. Limestone columns contrast nicely with the marble floors. Pattern and jointing are just terrific. It’s in- teresting to see how ecclesias- tical work is trending toward more color, making tradi- tional elements more mod- ern. Congratulations to Booms Stone Company. We would also like to congratulate Natural Stone Institute member com- pany Bybee Stone Company, Duncan G. Stroik Architect,
 Corporation and Polycor Inc. for their involvement.”
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 Judges Comments:
“A mastery of an incredible amount of stone all on a radi- us with different and difficult geometry.With all the varie- gation and veining and all the wedge shaped cuts, it takes a certain ability and a long time to make them look right. Craftsmanship and control of the natural stone is incredi- ble. The installer exhibited exceptional execution. Con- gratulations to Twin Stone Designs and Installation.”

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