Noble Company Introduces FreeStyle Linear Drain™

The FreeStyle Linear Drain adds a contemporary design element to any shower with unparalleled freedom in shower design.

The linear design of the drain allows for a single slope shower base which accommodates the use of large profile tiles and also provides versatility of drain location. The FreeStyle Linear Drain is ideal for curbless, barrier-free and handicapped showers in new construction or renovation.

The FreeStyle Linear Drain is constructed of one-piece, seamless PVC or ABS with no manufacturing seams or weldments. The drain is engineered with an exclusive membrane clamping mechanism to ensure a completely watertight connection with the waterproofing membrane of the shower base. The FreeStyle Linear Drain is patent-pending which confirms the distinctiveness of its features.

The FreeStyle Linear Drain is available in six lengths and four brushed stainless strainer styles. Custom drains are available for quantity orders. Visit to see more on this latest innovation in shower waterproofing.

For over 40 years, Noble Company has pioneered the use of sheet membranes in the tile and stone industry. At the heart of all Noble systems is a core layer of Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), an inherently flexible elastomeric sheet that will not rot, crack or deteriorate due to microorganisms. Sheet membranes are available for crack isolation, waterproofing, joint bridging, and sound isolation. NobleSeal sheets save time and money. Noble membranes are easy to install and provide quality solutions to prevent costly failures. All of Noble's membranes are made in the U.S.A.

For more information about any Noble Company product, visit their website at , or contact us at 800878-5788.

The FreeStyle Linear Drain is constructed of onepiece, seamless PVC or ABS... with no manufacturing seams or weldments.

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