It's a Dirty Job, But...

Saginaw County, Michigan inmates are being asked to volunteer for work picking up roadkill.

Sheriff William L. Federspiel told The Saginaw News that he got the idea to put inmates to work on the "Dead Carcasses Patrol Unit" after seeing a slew of dead skunks, deer and raccoons while driving to the office.

Federspiel said it's "not real pleasant" to see animal carcasses rotting on the side of the road. A two- or three-person crew, wearing goggles and latex gloves, is expected to pick up animals on Mondays.

The Saginaw County Animal Care Center's four road officers currently pick up most dead animals, but not deer because of their size or skunks because of their smell. The agency welcomes the help, saying there's enough work to go around.

Source: The Saginaw News, http:// /saginaw

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