In the Wrong Place,
at the Wrong Time

Police say a western Pennsylvania woman and her 20-year-old son forced a man to strip to his boxer shorts at gunpoint during a botched drug deal.

Police said Nathaniel Lindgren and his mom, 41-yearold Jean Pinko, are accused of holding a gun on the man after he visited their New Kensington home. Police say the man left his cell phone as collateral while he went to his friend's car to get $90 to pay the suspects for the drugs.

But before he could get the money, police arrested the drugbuyer's friend on an outstanding theft warrant and began to tow his car away. When he exited the house and saw what was happening, the alarmed, would-be drug buyer threw the contraband into the weeds and returned to the house to call the deal off retrieve his cell phone.

Police said Lindgren and Pinko thought the man was lying to them and made him strip to prove he didn't have the drugs he walked out with.

Lindgren was charged with aggravated assault and weapons charges; Pinko was charged with conspiracy and other crimes. Neither has a listed phone number.

Source: Valley News Dispatch, http://

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