Top Designer Selects Quick Drain USA for Remodel Projects

Jonas Carnemark, regularly honored as a top designer, remodeler and builder, appearing on such shows as "Good Morning America" and the Food Network's "Ultimate Kitchens," selected the Quick Drain USA linear slot drain system as the "Golden Award" and the "Best of K/BIS 2009 Bath" product award winner as one of the distinguished judges on this year's panel.

Carnemark was so impressed with the product that just a few month's later, the company he founded in 1987 and still owns, Carnemark Systems + Design, Inc, specified the Quick Drain USA channel drain system for a master bath renovation in Falls Church, Virginia. After originally specifying a traditional round center drain for the master bath shower renovation, Carnemark systems + design, Inc, worked with the tile contractor from Holland Tile, also located in the Greater Washington, DC, region, and switched the specification to the more aesthetically pleasing and functional Quick DrainTM USA product.

Carnemark founded his company with the creative goal of bringing home remodeling dreams to life with both beauty and purpose. Devoted to the clean lines of modern design flowing easily alongside attention to comfort, Carnemark's unifying element is making space useful, yet also joyful to experience. This theory is perhaps what drew him and Carnemark Systems + Design to the Quick Drain USA system. In fact, that very concept is at the heart of what makes the Quick Drain USA channel drain system the ideal choice for both new construction and renovation projects. Quick Drain USA replaces the traditional round center drain that disrupted the intended visual of a tiled shower from a design standpoint. And the sleek, nearly invisible Quick Drain USA product can be placed anywhere in the design scheme, while not requiring tile contractors to waste valuable time and labor hours pitching the mortar bed four ways to the center for proper drainage. In addition, the linear Quick Drain USA product does not require the tile contractor to spend time cutting tiles to perfectly align with the circular drain in the center of the shower. For architects, designers, remodelers, and specifiers, Quick Drain USA is the ideal product to reach intended design goals, but the benefits of the product continue down the chain ultimately saving the tile contractor time and money, increasing profits while projects stay on time and on budget.

"It was a long, rectangular shower," said Michael Stehlik, design coordinator for Carnemark on the Falls Church, Virginia project. "The water really wanted to naturally flow to the short side. We thought the linear drain system might really work for us. The tile contractor had used it previously and was familiar with the product. The original design had the drain in the middle, but we liked the look of the channel drain and it also allowed our tile layout to be uninterrupted. We used the Quick Drain product and we will definitely be considering it for future projects."

The Quick Drain USA channel drain system is ideal for showers, deck drains, pool drains, public shower trenches and trough drain applications, all with a visible width of just 1 1/2" (38mm). All Quick Drain USA linear slot drains can be installed over concrete and plywood substrates in compliance with ANSI A118.10. Quick Drain USA is the first and only linear slot drain manufacturer in the world to receive Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas (PMG) listing from the International Code Council - Evaluation Service (ICC-ES).

For more information contact Quick Drain USA, P.O. Box 1358, Frisco, Colorado, 80443. Call sales at 970-389-2843, or for technical service and product support 866-998-6685, fax 866-779-0260, or email Josef Erlebach at Visit online at

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