Showing Your True Colors

Legend has it that a brave captain of a fighting vessel was awakened by his first mate yelling, "Sir! Sir! There are five enemy ships on the horizon."

The captain told the man, "Fetch my best red frock coat and prepare for battle!"

The sailor ran without question to brush down the captain's best red coat and prepare him for battle. After their hard-won victory the first mate asked the captain why he wanted his best red coat.

The captain told the sailor, "An officer should always be properly dressed to inspire his men. If I were to be struck by a stray splinter you won't be able to tell I'm bleeding, so everyone will keep their courage up."

The first mate thought this showed brave command strategy. The next day he came running to the captain, exclaiming, "Sir! Sir! Twenty enemy ships on the horizon!"

The captain was stunned. He looked at the frightened sailor and gravely told him, "It's time for my best thick, brown pants, me lad!"

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