Nemi Announces New Equipment Updates

The Nemi Quad Processing Card is a six axis quadrature encoder processing unit. Calculations can be performed on the board to offload the work from the host and allow for real-time reading of the inputs without a realtime OS on the host.

Software and examples are included for reading Cartesian (xyz) gantry setups and many other uses in robotics and measurement. The software for this quad processing card is USB serial port interface for easy integration, encoder reading library and examples of reading Cartesian coordinates.

Hardware Features:

6 axis quadrature encoder inputs Read/Write registers for count & I/O modes Count modes include: non-quadrature (Up/Down), Quadrature (x1, x2, x4), Free-run, Non-recycle, Modulo-n and Range limit Separate mode-control registers for each axis Interrupt output and interrupt mask register 40MHz count frequency Sets of 24-bit counters, pre-set registers, comparators and output latches and 8-bit status registers for each axis Digital filtering of the input quadrature clocks for noise immunity 32-bit 80MHz microchip processor 8 GPIO 12C Serial port Positive locking encoder connectors Power LED, three general purpose LEDs

The NEMI 2 Port Portable Vacuum Manifold is compact and does not take up much room on your machine table. This unit has been custom made to accommodate fewer hoses while maintaining the same throughput as our standard grid table manifolds.

This manifold is made out of billet aluminum. The measurements on this manifold (without fittings) are L: 3 W: 2 H: 2.5 and it weighs 1.5 pounds. This 2 port portable manifold contains one 3/4 NPT Port, two 3/8 NPT Ports and four 1/4 Mounting Holes.

We made this 2 port portable manifold for one of our customers but feel it will also benefit others who need portability along with the throughput of larger ports rather than the smaller ports offered on our standard portable manifolds. We can customize these port sizes to fit any need for you!

The NEMI 6 Port Portable Vacuum Manifold is compact and does not take up much room on your machine table. These units are available with Bleed-to-Atmosphere slider valve providing instant vacuum evacuation. Features include rubber feet and a carry handle.

This 6 port portable manifold contains six 3/8 NPT outlet ports with slider valves allowing individual control over each outlet port and two 3/4 NPT supply ports.

The purpose of this portable manifold as opposed to our standard 10 port is the fact that it allows the use of larger vacuum supply ports. We can also customize these port sizes to fit any need for you!

About NEMI

NEMI strives to manufacture the most quality, user friendly products for CNC machines. NEMI has been manufacturing digitizers, tool setters, vacuum pods, vacuum tables, vacuum fixtures and software for many years. Our commitment to quality products has helped our users out-perform their old systems continually. We take pride in the products we make here in Minnesota and will continue to add new products based on our customer needs for increased production.

For more information to order or request a catalog, please contact: Northern Engineering & Mfg. Inc., 763-856-2044, , 763-856-3378 Fax, .

NEMI Quad 6 Port Manifold. NEMI 6 Port Portable Vacuum Manifold. NEMI 2 Port Portable Vacuum Manifold.

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