Things "Not to Do"
The Noble Company's FAQs About Installing Noble Products

We answer a number of questions daily in our technical service department about the correct installment of our quality shower waterproofing products. The following list is a compilation of information from some of those calls.

-Perhaps the most important advice is not to begin a project without reading the instructions. This is the root of most problems. If you are confused, contact us and ask questions to ensure you install the product properly.

-Most of our instructions indicate that you should also follow industry standards, TCNA guidelines and local building codes. You should always know what those standards & guidelines are before starting an installation.

-Do not use a product for an application that is not indicated in our literature.

-Do not penetrate waterproofing membranes below the flood plane without sealing the penetration. Making shower curbs ready for tiling offers an example. Some installers put backer board over the dam after the shower pan has been laid over the curb. The fasteners used to secure the backer board penetrate the membrane below the flood plane (which can create leaks). Use a Noble Curb Overlay or wrap the curb with lath and mortar to eliminate this potential failure.

-Do not allow weep holes in a clamping ring drain to become plugged. Weep holes can get clogged with mortar, sealants, etc. Use pea gravel, broken tiles or a Positive Weep Protector to keep weep holes open.

-Do not forget that grout and thin-set are not waterproof. If creating decorative items such as niches and benches, remember to waterproof these items or use preformed items (such as Noble Niches and Benches) which are waterproof and ready-to-tile.

-Do not try to embed NobleSeal sheet membranes into NobleBond 21 without waiting until the adhesive has flashed off liquids and has become sufficiently tacky.

-Do not exceed deflection requirements for the flooring you are installing. NobleSeal sheet can bridge horizontal movement greater than 1/8, but our membranes cannot protect tile from cracking due to deflection.

-Do not cut a drain hole that is wider than the opening in the drain body.

-If you are installing NobleSeal SIS, don't forget to isolate perimeters and penetrations to prevent flanking noise.

-Crack isolation - Do not forget to install movement joints in the tile field. Follow TCNA detail EJ171.

-Remember to follow recommendations for exterior applications if an interior installation is exposed to sunlight or moisture.

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