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24|February 2019
Stone Restoration and
Maintenance Corner
M3 Technologies
Slippery rock Gazette
This is simply a must in to- day’s stone anti-stain treat- ment project environments.
Majestic Water-Based Impregnating Sealer is also available, for those projects where a water-based sealer is specified.
In fact, Majestic has a sealer for virtually any situation. Majestic Color Enhancing Sealer is used for honed and textured ma- terials where it will bring out the natural color of the stone and take away that dull chalky look. Slate and flamed granite are two ma- terials that come to mind. Majestic Polymeric #3 is a water-based acrylic stone sealer, which will add gloss for those situations where a sacrificial surface is required.
M3 Technologies also offers its own line of cus- tom manufactured dia- mond products. Many of our premium resin products are made in Bulgaria. This series of resin diamonds consist of the TX Triple Thick, TYP Typhoon, AA Turbo, and ROS Rosette series of diamonds for the grinding, honing, and pol- ishing of marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, and other similar hard materials. The TX Triple Thick discs are well known for both their performance and cost ef- fectiveness. Most of these diamonds are available in grits from 30g to 8,500g.
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readers know, I left my 25- plus year position with Vic International in March of 2012 and started work with M3 Technologies that same April. I have been with M3 Technologies since that time, doing what I have al- ways done, working with stone restoration and main- tenance professionals. I love doing this, as it never gets old and there is always something new to learn.
I would like to tell you a little about M3 Technologies Inc. We are a major supplier of qual- ity chemicals, diamond tooling, equipment, and related accessories to the professional stone and hard surface restoration and maintenance contractors of North America and around the world.
Chad Schmidt, founder and president, started the company in 1995. Since
Bob Murrell
M3 Technologies
Photos by Bob Murrell
that time, the company has become known for our qual- ity manufactured products, superior technical support, efficient service, and all at a cost effective value.
Ame White is our Office Manager and Jeff Adler is our Warehouse/Product Manager. You will likely talk to either by calling our Cohasset, MA location. Both of them are highly ex- perienced representatives and will gladly assist you with product information, should the need arise. Of course, you are welcome to contact me with any techni- cal issues you may have.
The Majestic line of qual- ity chemicals is the gold standard which all other restoration products try to attain. Specifically, the Majestic 5X Gold marble polishing powder is the
many of you
Slippery Rock
 Majestic offers a comprehensive line for cleaning, polishing and restoration.
world’s best all-around polishing medium for mar- ble and most other calci- um-containing materials. 5X Gold is manufactured using the very best raw ma- terials and then ball-milled to be extra fine. This means that, due to the increased surface area, it will produce a higher polish faster and go further. This makes it much more cost-effective to use than other, similar products.
Of course, M3 Technologies has many polishing products, in- cluding Majestic XXX Shine, Diabrite 10X, Granite Polishing Powder in both dark and light for- mulas, Granite Polishing Compound, pure tin oxide, Granite’s Gloss (tin
oxide based paste), Spray Crystallizer, and even aluminum oxide in vari- ous grits, for honing and pre-polishing. So you see, M3 Technologies Inc. of- fers a complete line of pol- ishing solutions, in stock and available for immediate delivery, and the Majestic line of chemicals is quite comprehensive and includes most everything needed for the stone restoration and maintenance industry.
The Majestic No-Rinse Neutral Cleaner is perhaps the most popular daily cleaner in America. It is concentrated and has opti- cal brighteners which help to keep the stone looking its best. Many pH neutral cleaners on the market are mostly water. This is defi- nitely not the case with the Majestic No-Rinse Neutral Cleaner, and it is obvious when used regularly.
Other Majestic chemi- cals which are go-to prod- ucts are the Deep Cleaner
Stripper/Degreaser and Stone & Grout Intensive Cleaner. These two prod- ucts are our alkaline clean- ers with the Stone & Grout Intensive Cleaner being the strongest. The Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner is our acidic cleaner typically used for ceramic type in- stallations and for specific stone situations as well.
Majestic Stone Soap is a favorite for many types of installations such as honed and textured stones as well as terrazzo. Stone Soap feeds the stone, meaning it conditions the stone, which keeps the colors bright while rendering it more soil and stain resistant.
The Majestic line of chemicals also has some of the best impregnators and sealers available anywhere. Majestic Low Odor Solvent- Based Impregnating Sealer is an industry favorite. It has the desired features of a solvent-based impregnator but with little to no odor.
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