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May 2020|31
         Natural Stone Institute Member Company
Earl Jackson Architecture Workshop Allenhurst, New Jersey Architects
Other Project Team Members
Cooper Robertson & Partners
Rodriguez and Quiroga
Architect of Record
Local Office Landscape Geomantic Designs Landscape Architects
UMI The Source Thor Granitos Stone Suppliers
Earth Surfaces of America
Stone Fabricator
Custom Tile and Marble
Stone Installer
Stone & Equipment
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Stone Trends International
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Azul Macaubas quartzite Navajo White quartzite Mont Blanc quartzite Miracle Grey quartzite Cosmic Black quartzite Azul Bahia granite Giallo West granite Venetian White granite Venetian Gold granite Uba Tuba granite Bordeaux granite
Judges Comments:
Genius in urban streetscape transformation; a true in- spiration. Concentric circles of stone paving with seat- ing bollards and art, playfully layered together, create a delicate beauty, rich in texture, unexpected color, and irregularity. A ripple effect of success – just loved it.
Public Landscapes/Parks/Memorials
Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue Streetscape
Coral Gables, Florida
celebrates regional climatic conditions. Its stone pattern is composed of six colors of granite, creating massive raindrops that reflect the diurnal changing colors of the sky.
Paving on both streets was installed in its natu- ral state so that when dry, stones appear soft and muted but when it rains, the streetscapes explode in color to defy the blanket of gray skies above.
Shell Reef stone furniture was designed to double as bollards that keep cars in
their place. The sides of every piece were blasted to bring out the texture and fossils in the stone, and to remind us of the age of the pieces in honor of the timeless qualities of Coral Gables. The tops were filled and honed so that residents and visitors are invited to touch and sit on them with- out worry of damaging re- fined clothing. The heights of all seating tops vary throughout the project to accommodate people of all ages.
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he City of Coral Gables and the local business improve-
ment district commis- sioned this streetscape design project and asked the design team to “create a pair of streets like no other in the world.”
The concept for Miracle Mile was inspired by the poetry of George Merrick and the desire to create the effect of a walk in the
clouds. The paving pattern is a reflection of the sky above, as seen in the gap between the edge of the Live Oak tree canopy and storefront cornices along the sidewalk. It is a coordi- nated palette of five quartz- ite types that were anchored by Azul Macaubas. The size of stones and module of the pattern were critical to the ability to realize the vision of the project.
Giralda Plaza comple- ments Miracle Mile and
  Award of Excellence
Man’s Best Social Distancing Friend
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