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                                   32|May 2020 Pinnacle Slippery rock Gazette
Public Landscapes/Parks/Memorials
Drexel Square
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Award of Excellence
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Drexel Square opened to the public in June 2019. Conceived as an intimate space for the community to gather, the park serves as the gateway into University City and pro- vides a clear transition from downtown Philadelphia’s urban grid to a lush, verdant enclave.
Taking the shape of an ex- pansive ellipse, the 1.3-acre park completely transformed an underutilized parking lot outside Amtrak’s 30th Street station.
Its pathways are a projec- tion of the earth’s meridian lines, with sparkling white granite contrasting the lush green grass and 23 ful- ly-grown Dawn Redwood trees flanking the natural stone planters along the perimeter.
A deliberate mix between
a plaza and park, Drexel Square is designed to be an inviting addition to the exist- ing vibrancy of the neighbor- hood. This space is the first among a network of parks that will eventually com- prise 6.5-acres of the 14-acre Schuylkill Yards neighbor- hood. These greenspaces will eventually connect 6.9 mil- lion square feet of workplace and lifestyle environments as part of the developer’s vision.
The designer’s brief for the stone was thoughtfully con- sidered and precise; this spe- cial project needed a durable material for the plaza and a contrasting clean material for all the planters and walls.
To achieve the contrast el- ement to the vast expanse of the space, the pavers were made to have two different finishes.
The planters and ellipse posed the most complexities,
so a fourth generation fac- tory was chosen that uses a combination of modern CNC technology and handcrafting to ensure a perfect result. The planters step down from the main plaza to the road- side and the design team was
passionate to have the cop- ings follow the same shape without breaking the conti- nuity and flow whilst it twists and turns a corner.
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Natural Stone Institute Member Company
CED Stone North America Montreal, QC Canada Stone Supplier
Other Project Team Members
SHoP Architects
West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture Landscape Architect
Hunter Roberts Construction Group Contractor
G684 Black granite G654 Mid Grey granite G365 White granite
Judges Comments:
An urban jewel – elevating the public realm ex-
perience. The stone’s gentle curves and rounded edges convey a softness that’s inviting to touch. Convex granite lattice work is a delight to look upon. Challenging compound curvature, executed without lippage, received high scores for stone cutting con- trol. Overall, kudos for its contribution to the city.
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