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    Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Team Unites to Battle COVID-19 Issues
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“This situation is really getting people to think and assess what is criti- cal and what isn’t,” added Byers.
In March, the company temporarily closed its re- tail locations across the Carolinas, and delayed many occupied home in- stallations and warranty services for the time being. Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations manu- facturing sites are oper- ating as normal, utilizing heightened hygiene prac- tices with minimal service impacts.
The closing of daycares and schools has affected the business as well.
“Our team is discuss- ing the possibility of employee families and volunteers helping with childcare, possibly in Majestic retail locations if someone needs temporary child care,” said Byers.
“We have a lot of good people who are trying to address things that we never imagined,” said Byers. “It’s not per- fect, sometimes people
interpret communications through their own lens, but we are working as a team.”
“When we put this team together, I went around the room asking my Safety Czars their fear level from 1-10,” explained Byers. “Some were low and some were at a very high level of fear. There were team mem- bers dealing with children and family members that had autoimmune deficiency and other medical issues. To these people, this is not just a flu. Everyone realized this pandemic wasn’t about them. It was something more. That moment helped changed people’s percep- tion and brought to the fore- front our diverse thoughts and fears. The more we un- derstand that, the more we work as a team, through all challenges.”
The company is holding regular phone meetings with the Safety Czars, and every other day with divi- sion managers. They are aware that things are chang- ing fast and over-communi- cation is key.
Despite the seriousness of the situation, however, the
Majestic’s Safety Czars are working hard to mitigate the risks to employees by regularly deep cleaning facilities and also equipping workers with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and additional PPE.
team is trying to bring some levity by using humor to re- mind the Majestic employ- ees about the importance of handwashing. Here are links to two videos the HR Team recently shared: Kiddyup news/av/world- asia-51764846/corona virus-Vietnam-s-hand- washing-song-goes-global
To date, besides the im- pacts noted above, the company has experienced little to no disruption in its business or supply chain. However, CEO Byers re- alizes that change is immi- nent, so under his direction they will be reaching out and communicating con- stantly as they monitor the progress of the coronavi- rus and its impact on busi- ness in the Carolinas and globally.
For more information on Majestic Marble and Glass see the SRG company pro- file on www.slipperyrock- .
      “Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for every- thing that goes wrong and giving your subor- dinates credit for every-
thing that goes well.”
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

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