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Stone Forensics Offers Special Topics in Online Education
Recent events have and will continue to hurt the stone and tile business. Until the coronavirus crisis has passed, many stone and tile specialists will be unable to work.
Now it may be a good time to get that education you have been put- ting off. Dr. Fred Hueston has put together a number of self-guided voiced-over power point presenta- tion that you can view and listen to.
Hueston will also be hosting some round table discussions to discuss various subjects in the stone and tile business. If you have an idea, please contact him and let me know what you would like to learn.
Some of his new and regular training topics include:
Stone and Tile Inspection and Troubleshooting
Stone Restoration 101
Advanced Stone Restoration
Historic Stone Restoration
Stain Removal for Stone and Masonry
Sell More Stone – (For distributors etc. who sell stone and tile)
Stone Restoration and Fabrication Round Tables. Dates TBA
Designing a Sustainable Stone & Terrazzo Restoration Procedure
Engineered Stone Repair and Restoration
How to Turn Your Profession, Skill or Trade into a Major Cash Machine by Becoming an Expert Witness
Hueston has also announced that he is cutting his self-guided sem- inar prices in half until this crisis is over.
For more information, including a free sample, pricing, and to order any of these programs, please con- tact or call 321-514-6845.
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