Natural Stone Institute 2018 Pinnacle Awards (Continued from last month)

The winners of the 2018 Pinnacle Awards were announced during the Natural Stone Institute Awards Ceremony at TISE 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fourteen projects were honored with Awards of Excellence, and the best overall project was selected for the Grande Pinnacle Award. 

Commercial Interior

Rugo Stone, LLC
Lorton, Virginia
Stone Consultant/Supplier/Fabricator/Installer

Sacred Heart Cathedral Knoxville, Tennessee

Sacred Heart Cathedral Knoxville, Tennessee

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Knoxville, Tennessee

For Sacred Heart Cathedral, the design architects relied heavily on the architectural stone detailing of the Old World to deliver a level of design, stone details, and ornamentation rarely found in the New World.

A field of diagonal and radiating patterns of marble paving greets visitors upon entering the Narthex and repeats along the perimeter aisles and transepts, while two solid columns of fragile Giallo Siena Brocatello marble stand at each side of the entry. Within the nave and aisles are fourteen specially engineered solid columns of Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble, strategically set upon Grigio Carnico solid octagonal and veneer marble bases.

The paving in the raised sanctuary is a mosaic carpet of stone comprised of twelve types of marble and over 2,000 pavers and treads. In the center is the Altar of Sacrifice made of polished Statuario Michelangelo marble with waterjet cut face panels of Campan Payole Gris, Giallo Siena Brocatello and Rosso Francia Languedoc marbles that surround three stone and glass mosaics.

A raised Altar of Reservation is made from polished Statuario Michelangelo marble with Grigio Carnico treads and Fior di Pesco risers along with various other marbles used as accent stones within the wall panels and paving. Set upon the Altar of Reservation is the tabernacle surround of Rosso Francia Languedoc and Giallo Siena Brocatello solid columns supporting the Ciborium.

The baptismal font basin is solid Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble with an intricately carved side wall supported by a solid shaft of marble with inlaid panels of Rosso Francia Languedoc and Nero Portoro set upon a Grigio Carnico base.

The center panel of the raised cathedra is made of solid Fior di Pesco marble with inlaid diamond book matched panels.

The Bishop’s coat of arms is another exquisitely detailed panel of mosaic patterns and inlaid stones.

Natural Stone Institute Pinnacle Award Winner


McCrery Architects, LLC

Pedrini Mario & Co.
SNC Scultori
Grebelsky and Sons
Stone Fabricators


Giallo Siena Brocatello marble

Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble

Grigio Carnico marble

Statuario Michelangelo marble

Campan Payole Gris marble

Rosso Francia Languedoc marble

Fior di Pesco marble

Nero Portoro marble



“What you don’t see in the photos is the difficult joint work. Beautiful craftsman and artisan work. 

The statement of permanence makes natural stone a perfect material selection for places of worship.”



Carnevale & Lohr, Inc.
Bell Gardens, California
Stone Contractor

Neptune Pool San Simeon, California

Neptune Pool San Simeon, California

     Neptune Pool San Simeon, California     

Neptune Pool

San Simeon, California

Originally designed by architect Julia Morgan, this classically styled pool began construction in 1924 on William Randolph Hearst’s lavish estate and was named the “Neptune Pool.”

After being redesigned and expanded three times during its construction, it was finally deemed complete by Mr. Hearst in 1936.

Its basin, gutters, and alcove are completely lined in Vermont marble and feature overlapping diamond and Greek Key patterns, as well as marble ladders and handrails.

The 345,000 gallon pool is 104 feet long and 58 feet wide (95 feet wide at the alcove) with over 3,000 square feet of Verde Antique serpentine and 7,000 square feet of Olympian White marble.

Due to damages, the pool was drained in 2014 and after a considerable amount of study and planning, it was determined that all the marble veneer in and around the pool would need to be replaced.

Because the pool is a National Historic Landmark, the original type of marble, patterning, placement, color selection, and blending would need to be used.

Before demolition of the original cladding, 3D laser scans were used to document the location and shape of over 19,000 marble tiles.

Many of the curved elements were precut on a CNC water jet and individually numbered to ensure proper placement.

The new marble veneer was installed with modified thinset over a hand troweled mortar bed.

Extensive hand fitting of tiles on site was required to meet tolerances of 1/8 inch in variance from original placement, with joints averaging 1/32 of an inch in width.

Hundreds of hours were spent reviewing photos, videos and survey information to make certain that even the smallest of details was captured.

After five months of work, experienced masons had restored this iconic marble pool back to its original luster.

Natural Stone Institute 2018 Pinnacle AWARDS


Page & Turnbull

Sutherland Falls Stoneworks
Stone Consultant

Proctor Marble Co.
Fabrication, Carving, & Finishing

Cali. Dpt. of Parks and Rec.
• Vermont Verde Antique 
• Vermont Quarries Corp. 
Stone Suppliers

• Custom Building Products 
Stone Supplier (setting materials)

• Trade International 
Material Consultant

• Ceramic Tile & Stone Consultants 
Installation Consultant



Verde Antique serpentine
Olympian White marble



“Photography portrays a great story of restoration.
It had me at the ladder. The definition of restoration work”

(NSI Member Company)

Public Landscapes/Parks/Memorials

Las Vegas Rock
Jean, Nevada
Stone Supplier/Fabricator

The Park at MGM Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

The Park at MGM Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Park, MGM Resort’s dynamic outdoor dining and entertainment district, is a lush promenade featuring avant-garde stone planters, native plantings, monumental shade structures, and cascading water walls offering a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip.

The goal was to create a space where stunning desert landscapes and cutting edge design work in harmony, directly and authentically inspired by the city’s context, history, and landscape.

Metaquartzite supplied by Las Vegas Rock offers vivid strata variations and introduces colors that are characteristic of the southwestern landscape to Las Vegas Boulevard, reminiscent of some of Nevada’s most iconic natural landmarks.

Created by nature and crafted by man, metaquartzite mirrors the dual worlds that intersect within The Park.

To achieve the multi-dimensional surfaces of The Park’s crystal shaped planters, the most advanced stone cutting technology was required. Using seven-axis wire saws acquired specifically for the project, 3D computer programming was utilized to carefully slice the massive pieces of rock from multiple directions and angles.

Of the total 596 crystals created, no two are identical. Eighty-six of the crystals presented distinct challenges of unique complicated contours, double-sided complex geometries, or giant assemblages that had to fit together flawlessly.

To assure fit and accuracy, every piece was pre-assembled.

Overall, 2,225 linear feet of metaquartzite crystals were 3D cut, pre-assembled, and finished to a windswept appearance.

Envisioned as an experiential eco-oasis mirroring the Mojave Desert’s striking natural beauty, The Park is unlike anything ever constructed on the man-made marvel that is The Las Vegas Strip.

As one of its most prolific building elements, metaquartzite contributed to The Park’s intricate sustainability requirements that in many ways, represents a return to the land for a city whose development history has traditionally stood in stark contrast to its native ecology.

Natural Stone Institute Pinnacle Award Winner


MGM Resorts International

!Melk Landscape Architecture
& Urban Design

Shaw-Lundquist  Associates Inc.
Stone Installer






“The harmonious colors used within the project are unique and its form is other-worldly. The stone guides you through the park. So unusual.”