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   Granite Owner-President Nikos Papadopoulos, and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Design, Sandra Phillips. Representing Quote Countertops is COO/ Managing Partner, Frank Sciarrino, and Chief Sales Officer, Steven Fiumara.
SRG: The Quote Countertops website lists four different lev- els or packages. The Kitchen Visualizer, Combo, Basic, and Enterprise. Could you please explain the features and benefits of the package you are using? Nikos Papadopoulos: We pretty much use everything in Enter- prise, and that package is avail- able to anyone. It allows us to uti- lize all the features to the fullest, and we use it to engage with our customers. There are options for fabricators who don’t know ex- actly what they want – and there
feature – like the kitchen visual- izer, or maybe they just want the estimation tool. For us, we real- ly bought in to everything this technology can do, and we im- plemented it into our day-to-day business. Steven can better ex- plain the different types of pack- ages available – for fabricators, or kitchen designers – businesses that want to utilize specific tools.
Steven Fiumara: Nikos is on our e-commerce Enterprise sub- scription. The big differences between Enterprise and the rest of the subscriptions include the ability for both online and show- room quoting, dealer accounts, our slab layout tool and the op- tion to purchase a kiosk (See the August Slippery Rock). Online quoting gives consumers the abil- ity to create a simple quote from a fabricator’s website, social me-
includes an advanced quoting option to speed through creating a quote, and has the ability for the team to sign contracts and process transactions. Dealer ac- counts allow a fabricator’s part- ners to create their own quotes instantly using wholesale pricing versus retail pricing. Slab layout was something many of our fab- ricator customers were asking for and we just launched it. It oper- ates similarly to other options on the market but built into the software. And the kiosk provides an interactive experience and in- terface to a shop’s full sales solu- tion, including every single pric- ing product, every single price point. A lot of our customers will give away dealer accounts, and some may purchase a kiosk for their dealer network. The Enter- prise subscription creates retail and wholesale sales opportuni-
Branch locations and franchise owners who work with Colonial Marble are guided through the system, as they learn about the benefits of integrating the interactive Quote Countertops kiosk in their sales process. Below: Colonial Marble and Granite sales and management team at their main showroom in King of Prussia, PA.
The Beacon of The STone InduSTry
Colonial Marble and Granite: A Case Study
LPart II: Quote Countertops and Functionality in the Showroom, in the Shop, and on the Web
Larry M Hood Peter J. Marcucci
Photos Courtesy Colonial Marble and Quote Countertops
ast month we presented are different price points for the dia, etc. Showroom quoting lets Part I of an interview different tiers of features. May- the sales team create or edit more with Colonial Marble and be they just want to utilize one robust quotes for the customer,
September 2022
Volume 28-09
     BB Industries Honored with Top Workplaces Award
ties, from lead generation all the way through contract signing and payment, all within our system.
SRG: Does Quote Countertops integrate with other production software?
Steven Fiumara: Yes. We have an API (Application Program- ming Interface) that allows Quote Countertops to interface with multiple applications. It inte- grates throughout the whole, typ- ical work flow. Every data point
in our system is able to push and pull, so we can pull data in from other applications, or push our data out. So as long as the oth- er system is what we call “open API,” they can connect into our API. Some of the data that can be pushed out from our software includes customer information, quote information, job informa- tion, statuses, specs, etcetera. They can also push data back to our tool, as well.
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 Industries has been
experience needs to be on the mission-critical list. Leaders who embrace a people-first culture will benefit greatly. By giving employees a voice and showcasing your authen- tic culture through employer branding, organizations can attract those job-seekers who complement their culture. Culture drives performance.”
BB Industries is one of the most respected distributors in the stone industry and has experienced explosive growth over the past few years, set- ting record sales, doubling the number of employees, add- ing many more partner sup- pliers, and expanding product offerings.
awarded a Top Workplaces 2022 honor by The Knoxville News Sentinel for the second consecutive year. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement tech- nologypartnerEnergage,LLC. The anonymous survey uniquely measures 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization: including align- ment, execution, and connection,
just to name a few.
“Companies need to authen- tically represent their brand to job-seekers,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “The employee
“We recently had an employee summit where we brainstormed solu- tions to issues we are facing with supply chains, regulations and infla- tion,” said BB Industries CEO and President Rick Stimac.
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