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What is the value of the Slippery Rock Gazette to an advertiser? Our target reader is a stone fabricator (most make and install countertops) who makes the day-to-day purchasing decisions for tools and supplies. This usually includes the business owner, the shop manager — and the workers who actually use the tools and products.

The Slippery Rock is unique in that we use our own constantly growing and updated database to target specific individuals and companies, giving us accurate targeting of businesses in the U.S. stone industry. Our target demographic is somewhat different than other industry publications. The editorial focus isdiffere nt as well. The way that our industry impact plays out is that the SRG is usually found on the shop manager’s desk or the employee break room and passed from employee to employee, resulting in multiple impressions from just one copy. Over the years, we have heard from many shop owners and managers who read the Slippery Rock cover to cover… and pass it on to their employees to read.  

Since 1995, the Slippery Rock has been read by the decision makers — and so can your ad.

To develop an ad program with us, please send email inquiries to or phone 865-293-0231; fax 865-688-2076.

Publisher reserves the right to accept, reject or edit any copy for advertisements or editorial material not in keeping with the standards of the Slippery Rock Gazette. Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement appearing in the Slippery Rock Gazette. Publisher will design and build electronic files for advertisements at the prevailing market rate to be invoiced in addition to the contract rate for the advertisement.

Ad guidelines for FREE online classified ads

Online ads not meeting the following guidelines will not be published. Ads must meet the following criteria:

  • Online ads are free, however they must be renewed each month. Ads may be renewed by contacting the Slippery Rock Gazette.
  • Maximum of 70 words or less per ad.
  • For questions, contact Larry Hood email or use the online form.
  • Publisher reserves the right to accept, reject or edit any copy for advertisements or editorial material not in keeping with the standards of the Slippery Rock Gazette.
  • Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement appearing in the Slippery Rock Gazette.

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Ad guidelines for print edition classified ads

Download Slippery Rock Gazette 2023 Media Rates & Deadlines Guide (PDF, 2 MB filesize). This document includes complete specifications, rates and deadlines for advertising in the 2023 Print Editions of the Slippery Rock Gazette.

  • Print text listings are $30 per ad, per month.
  • Classified ads for web edition of Slippery Rock Gazette are free.
  • No handwritten ads will be accepted. No exceptions.
  • Ads may be submitted using the online form. Same ad can be listed online and print.
  • Maximum of 70 words or less per ad.
  • Please review all your ad info before submitting– NO refunds will be given for ads that are submitted with the wrong contact info or content and then published. 
  • Payment must be made at the time ad is submitted: Credit or Debit Card only. A PDF Credit Authorization Form is available by fax, or download a PDF.
  • Ads may be renewed for additional issues by contacting the Slippery Rock Gazette prior to Classifieds deadline. Please refer to the Classified Ad Deadline dates for each issue, below.

2023 Rates for Classified and Marketplace 4-color Print ads

Ad Size, Cost Each Placement: 1-6 Placements   7-12 Placements
Classified Display Ads, 1 Column = 1.85 inches wide       
 1 column wide x 1.25 inches high  $50   $35
 2 columns wide x 1.25 inches high  $90   $70
 2 columns wide x 2.5 inches high  $180   $150
Marketplace Company Listing:
$100   $1,200
 Web Sponsor Online Ad 400 x 400:  $1,000 each   $800


2023 Slippery Rock Gazette Classified and Marketplace ad guidelinesAd guidelines for print edition classified ads

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New Slippery Rock Multimedia Advertising Packages

The Slippery Rock Gazette offers custom advertising packages combining the powerful reach of our print and online monthly publication, with website advertising, and our monthly eblast. Packages start at six print ads and six SRG website ads, plus a sole advertiser eblast sponsorship. Available in 1/4 page print & up

  Multimedia Packages Frequency: 6x Print, 6xWeb, 1xEblast

   1 Page + 400 x 500 Web +1 eblast  


   1/2 Page + 400 x 500 Web +1 eblast


   1/4 Page + 400 x 500 Web +1 eblast


Web advertising = Home page advertising on

Contact and for additional prices and scheduling.

Platinum web sponsorship ads – Top Position - $1000 per ad. Specs: 400 x 400 pixels, 72 pixels per inch (PPI).

eBlast Newsletter sponsorship is available at $800 per newsletter. Specs: 700 w x 100 pixels, 72 PPI.

  Website Ad Size:




 Sponsor Ad 400w x 500h Pixels: $1,000 $800 each
 - Guaranteed Top Position $1,200
  eBlast, Monthly Newsletter, 700 x 100: $1,000 $800 each

To submit a digital media eBlast ad or SRG Homepage ad


Sponsor a monthly eBlast or become an online SRG sponsor.

  • Ads may also be submitted by email to .
    Send us your information using the online form found here on .

  • EBlast ads include your preferred link to your product web site.

  • Payment for Print Online, Web, B to B and eBlast ads must be made at the time of submission. Credit or Debit Card only. A PDF Credit Authorization Form is available by email request, or by download HERE.

e-Blast sponsor ads

Website sponsor ads

2023 Ad, Content, Classified and Press deadlines

2023 Production Week for Ads, Content, Classifieds, & Press Deadlines

2022 Ad Content Close Classifieds Close Date: Press Deadline (NLT):
 January 2023 Tuesday, November 29, 2022 Tuesday, November 29, 2022 Wednesday, December 7, 2022
 February  Tuesday, December 27, 2022 Tuesday, December 27, 2022 Wednesday, January 11, 2023
 March  Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Wednesday, February 8, 2023
 April  Tuesday, February 21 Tuesday, February 21 Wednesday, March 8
 May  Tuesday, March 21 Tuesday, March 21 Wednesday, April 12
 June  Tuesday, April 28 Tuesday, April 25 Wednesday, May 10
 July  Tuesday, May 23 Tuesday, May 23 Wednesday, June 7
 August  Tuesday, June 27 Tuesday, June 27 Wednesday, July 12
 September  Tuesday, July 25 Tuesday, July 25 Wednesday, August 9
 October  Tuesday, August 22 Tuesday, August 22 Wednaesday, September 6
 November  Tuesday, September 26 Tuesday, September 26 Wednaesday, October 11
 December  Tuesday, October 24 Tuesday, October 24 Wednesday, November 8
 January 2024 Monday, November 22 Wednesday, November 22 Wednesday, December 13


Slippery Rock Gazette Advertising

Specified Advertising Space in the SRG is sold on a first-come basis, available to advertisers with a minimum 3 month advertising commitment. Space is limited. For best selection, reserve space before the start of the calendar year.

Publication & Payment Terms: First time advertisers will be required to provide credit information or prepayment at the start of their advertising program. After that, invoices are payable net 30 days, in U.S. funds only. No credit will be extended to accounts over 60 days. If an agency defaults on a payment, advertiser will be held responsible for total due. In addition, in the event that it is necessary for Slippery Rock Gazette (SRG) to place the account in the hands of a Collection Agency or Attorney for collection, the advertiser agrees to pay all additional costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Classified Ads: Single or multi-month Print and Web listings available; ad text can be submitted through our online portal. Online ads appear on the SRG Online Classifieds page as soon as approved, are posted free for 30 days, and renewable.

NOTE: All changes and/or cancellations to existing contracts must be made in writing four weeks prior to the press date. Ads cannot be removed after the press deadline and will be billed to the advertiser.

The Slippery Rock Gazette is produced by Braxton-Bragg. For details on participating in a Slippery Rock advertising program for your stone industry product, please contact us:

Larry Hood, Editor/Design Director
Phone: 865-293-0231

Gina Covell, Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: 832-338-5188

G. William Brown, Graphic Designer
Phone: 865-293-0238

Slippery Rock Gazette
4100 Appalachian Way
Knoxville, TN 37918


2023 Advertising 4-Color Rates

Download Slippery Rock Gazette 2023 Media Rates & Deadlines Guide (PDF, 1 MB filesize). This document includes complete specifications, rates and deadlines for advertising in the 2023 Print Editions of the Slippery Rock Gazette.

2023 Advertising 4-color Ad Rates


 Display Ad Sizes:

Display Ad Space: Frequency: 1 to 6   7 to 12  

 Full Page: 10.875˝ W x 11.25˝ H

Includes .125" Bleed

 Full Page, Full Bleed   $3,200 $2,500  

 2/3 Island Vertical: 7.45"˝ W x 8.375˝ H

Inside Back Cover   $4,500   $4,000  

 1/2 Page Horizontal: 10˝ W x 5.625˝ H

2/3 Island   $2,500 $2,200  

 1/2 Page Vertical: 4.875˝ W x 10.2˝ H

 1/2 Page Horizontal   $2,200   $2,000  

 1/4 Page: 4.875˝ W x 5.625˝ H

 1/4 Page   $1,200 $1,000  

 1/8 Page: 4.875˝W x 2.75˝ H

1/8 Page   $800 $600  


Marketplace*   ($100*) $1,000  



Single Frequency rates are on as-available basis. Add 10% for a reserved, guaranteed specified position.

Reserved, specified ad space is limited. Contact us by the ad deadline – the month before you wish ad to start – to reserve space.

All prices listed are net 30 days with no agency commission discount.   *Marketplace is only available in 3, 6 or 12 month insertions


2023 Advertising 4-Color Specifications

2023 Advertising 4-Color Specifications

Printing Specs, File Preparation and Submission Guidelines:

No SPOT, custom PMS colors or rich black available.

  • SRG Specification: Web Press on 60# gloss cover, 4-color process, colors UV set. Page live area = 10w x 11.5 h
  • Digital File Requirements: Print resolution CMYK PDF or non-compressed, highest quality JPEG files preferred. All photos and art submitted for ad and article preparation should be 300 dpi resolution, saved as TIF, PDF or JPG with no LZW or JPEG compression. Multiple files (more than 2 files) MUST be zipped (ZIP) or Stuffed (.SIT) before sending by email, FTP, Dropbox link, etc.
  • Accepted Formats: High resolution, press quality PDF, set up page size 10 x 11.5 H, include .125" bleed, no crops. All color files should be CMYK, no spot colors. Native files accepted in InDesign CS6; Photoshop PSD, PDF, TIFF or JPEG; for Illustrator PDFs – all fonts must be converted to paths. No native CorelDraw, Publisher or CAD files. No rich black backgrounds or registration black.
  • Accepted formats, Content and Press Releases: Email in Microsoft Word or PDF; include print resolution JPG photos as separate files.
  • Please provide Type One postscript or Open Type fonts with native files. Include fonts when collecting files for output and when submitting InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop native files. Any Windows PC & TrueType fonts will be replaced with closest available Mac OS versions at industry production rates. Missing Windows fonts with no equivalent font in our library will be replaced at cost + industry rates. Include both printer and screen fonts for package printer fonts and screen fonts for Photoshop (.psd), InDesign (.indd) or Illustrator (.ai) files.
  • Files smaller than 12 MB may be emailed to When emailing or uploading multiple files, package in a Stuffit (.sit) or ZIP file. Press releases must include all supporting graphic files, including photos, logos and charts and graphics. Due to ink-offset printing concerns, no solid black ads with reversed white type will be accepted. All spot colors will be converted to CMYK equivalents.
  • FTP Ad Submission: To submit ads over 12 MB in size, contact Larry Hood or email