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The Voice Of The Stone Fabricator

Special Features

H.E. Satterwhite: Still Tops in Stone and Tile, by Sharon Koehler

Las Vegas Rocks, by Dr. Fred Hueston

Training, Safety and Education           

Industry Calendar of Events and Training: May to July 2023

Google Maps Optimization for Fabricators, by Stephen Alberts

Case Studies in Throughput, by Ed Young

Sooner or Later, You Will Need to Do Marketing, by Rick Phelps

Industry Topics, Tips and Featured Columns

Helios Automation Case Study, by Nick Wadenstorer

noise, Noise, NOISE, Part Two, by Sharon Koehler

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

The Stone Detective – The Case of the Loose Tiles, by Frederick M. Hueston

Industry News

BB Industries Acquires ITS of West – Central Florida

SFA and StoneBiz On the Beach, by Eric Rolseth

2022 Pinnacle Awards, Continued

Stone Panels International Named CEU Educator of the Year

Cambria Announces Exhibition Plans for StonExpo 2024

BB Industries Hosts Annual Partner Appreciation Event in  Mexico

International Surface Fabricators Association to Host 2023 Annual Conference in Sint Maartin

Artisan Group Welcomes 30th Member

Natural Stone Institute Announces Awards Call for Entries

The Lighter Side

I Bowed Out When There Were No More Champs to Beat, by Sam Venable

Notable Quotes

The Funny Pages,Featuring Cartoons by Mark Anderson

Real Looney, All the Time

Four on the Floor = U 8nt Rollin’ No Mo’

Breaking’s a habit

Chip Your Kitty!

Neither Keebler Nor Sindarin

Copperplate is My Side Hustle


Contributors & Staff

  Rick Stimac 


  Larry M. Hood

Editor and Design Director  

  G. William Brown

Graphic Designer  

  Stephen Alberts 

Countertop Marketing Co.  

  Mark Anderson

Department of Humor  

  Stevenson Brooks

Sales / Management Coach  

  Frederick M. Hueston

Stone Forensics Investigations  

  Sharon Koehler 

Stone Industry Consultant  

  Rufus B. Leakin 

Guru of Urban Folklore  

  Bob Murrell

Restoration Consultant  

  Rick Phelps

ActionCoach, Synchronous Solutions   

  Eric Rolseth

Stone Fabricator’s Alliance   

  Ed Young 

Fabricator’s Business Coach   

  Sam Venable Department of Irony   

  Nick Wadenstorer

Stone Industry Consultant    

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