Authorities say a shirtless man who allegedly stole a transit bus from a San Francisco terminal drove it 100 miles before being arrested.  

California Highway Patrol officers spotted the bus and chased it into the Oakdale area, according to the CHP. California Highway Patrol officers put down road spikes to flatten the tires and get the bus to stop.

The driver faces charges including reckless driving, failure to yield, and grand theft.

Alameda County Transit spokesman Clarence Johnson told KPIX-TV that the bus was outfitted with a GPS system which allowed authorities to track it.

No one was on the bus or was injured. Johnson says the bus was parked, closed and locked at the terminal when it was stolen.

“We do have some (systems) that need to be followed in order to board a bus and certainly to start a bus and drive off with it. We are assuming whoever did this had some prior knowledge of that protocol and was able to do that,” Johnson said.