Bellavita Tile Offers  State-of-the-Art  Literature ProgramBellavita Tile, a leader in the North American tile industry, has produced an attractive and easy-to-use literature program geared to help distributors and specifiers select the most appropriate products from the company’s 20-plus lines of world-class tile materials.          

According to Bellavita’s North American Sales Manager, Mike Ward, “Our online presence is strong via our website and social media components. But the marketplace still demands the finest literature to help customers select and sell our extensive series of products. Our literature was created to provide an important design element, as well. As a result, we’ve put together a very high-end collection of brochures produced in a total ‘Bellavita graphic standard,’ wherein each collection is portrayed very clearly and professionally. Those who see this literature immediately note that a strong ‘family look’ of graphics has been achieved.”

Ward also noted that the highest quality photography has been mandated for use in his firm’s literature.  “Our photography provides a strong ‘Idea Gallery’ that is always available for our customers to use as they see fit.” 

Qualified distributors and specifiers who would like to receive this material should go to the firm’s website:

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