The Marble Institute of America’s (MIA) outreach to support the international stone industry continues to touch current and future stone professionals in all corners of the world.

The MIA’s Dimension Stone Design Manual has been posted to South Western Sydney Institute’s online intranet library. The Design Manual will serve students in the Stonemasonry course at Miller College. This Course offers a diverse range of stonemasonry experiences that seek to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding and developing industry. At the same time it provides traditional core craft skills that are the basis of the stonemasonry industry. Currently, 120 students at South Western Sydney Institute’s Stonemasonry course at Miller College are pursuing a 3 year certificate program.

Arik Grebelsky, A. Grebelsky & Son, who is one of four international directors on the MIA’s thirteen person board commented, “The MIA doesn’t just provide access for the international community to the North American market. It routinely provides education, research and information for the entire global market.”

MIA’s Industry Research & Information Manager Mike Loflin said, “We’re happy to make the Design Manual available to the future stonemasons of South Western Sydney Institute at Miller College. This is beneficial for the trade and the industry as a whole.”

This posting is the most recent in the MIA’s long history of outreach towards architectural, design and masonry students. In 2011, the MIA donated a copy of the Dimension Stone Design Manual v 7.2 to every architectural college library in the United States, an effort they plan to replicate in 2014, with the launch of version 8.0.

The Dimension Stone Design Manual v 7.2 is the stone industry’s single-source reference for dimensional stone design and construction facts and details. Contents include a newly revised and greatly expanded Illustrated Glossary of Stone Industry Terms, a new section on stone tile installation and revised countertop installation guidelines. Also included are descriptions and technical data of individual natural stone varieties; general installation guidelines; guidelines and typical detailing for horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, countertops, wet areas and furniture; and maintenance of exterior and interior stone installations.

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