Seattle police say they arrested a man who crashed an 8-year-old child’s party, ate several pieces of pizza and took two balloon animals.

Parents told police they asked the 28-year-old man to leave after he joined the children’s party at Green Lake one Wednesday evening. However, police say the shirtless, shoeless man refused and got into a “very heated” exchange with the families at the party. The families called police.

In a release on their website, police say the man appeared to be under the influence of a “potent relaxant of some kind.”

Officers first checked to see if the man needed medical attention, then arrested him for investigation of theft.


Balloon Man Blows Past Record

Tim Thurmond of the Brighton, Michigan area says he turned nearly 8,300 balloons into sculptures in 24 hours, reclaiming a record he had for nine years. The current record was 6,231 balloons. He says he’s tired but “doing OK.”

Thurmond said he had an amazing team to assist with his endeavor. Thurmond held the record for almost nine years, but someone beat it this year. Soon after, Thurmond – who calls himself The Balloon Sculptor – decided to regain his throne as Balloon King.

The 32-year-old blew into balloons and sculpted them next to the Oh My Lolli! candy shop during the Taste of Brighton festival, a revamped festival that took over downtown Brighton in July. The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus says at least two people observed Thurmond the entire time. A paramedic was also nearby.

Thurmond averaged nearly six balloons a minute. Candy store owner Keith Karp calls it “absolutely remarkable.” 

Karp volunteered to observe Thurmond during the night and early morning hours. “I couldn’t do it for 24 minutes, let alone 24 hours,” Karp said. “It was quite a challenge.”

Source: Livingston County Daily Press & Argus,