Low Voltage LED Blasting Gun Light from Larson Electronics Provides Extreme DurabilityLeading manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof LED blasting gun light designed to handle the extreme conditions of industrial blasting operations. 

The BLG-LED-7W Hazardous Location LED Blasting Gun Light mounts to any standard blasting gun and provides high power illumination combined with extreme durability.

The BLG-LED-7W hazardous location LED blasting gun light from Larson Electronics features waterproof aluminum construction and has a 7 watt LED assembly producing 604 lumens of light output. The housing on this LED blasting light is formed from precision machined aluminum for light weight and high strength and has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens for added durability. 

The LED assembly features CREE LEDs for the highest reliability and performance and is highly resistant to the effects of impacts and vibrations. The LED assembly draws only 7 watts of power, runs only slightly warm to the touch, and has an excellent 100,000 hour operational life rating. Whereas standard incandescent blasting lights may need a bulb replacement after only 700 to 1,000 hours of operation, this blasting light will operate for years without any decrease in performance. 

The entire assembly is IP66 rated waterproof, meaning it can withstand exposure to high pressure jets of water without any moisture intrusion into the housing, making it ideal for use in wet locations. This blasting light also features a replaceable protective lens assembly that prevents lens damage from exposure to blasting media and allows easy replacements as the protective lens becomes worn. 

To replace the protective lens, the operator simply slides the old lens out of the assembly and inserts a new one, and can perform this process even while wearing gloves. The lamp assembly mounts to any standard media blasting gun using an included aluminum mounting assembly that is designed for easy and secure installation. This LED blasting light operates from 24 volt current provided by an included waterproof transformer which steps down standard 120-277VAC current to 24 volts DC. 

Also included is 100 feet of heavy duty power cable to give operators ample cord length for moving around the work area. The BLG-LED-7W is designed for use in hazardous locations where potentially flammable or explosive gases and vapors may be encountered and is Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D certified. This explosion proof light is designed to handle the toughest operating conditions and provides operators with a more powerful and durable alternative to incandescent blasting lights that run hot and frequently burn out. 

“Our new LED blasting gun light far exceeds competitor lighting solutions, the BLG-LED-7W gun mounted LED blasting light provides intense illumination, operates on 120-277V AC stepped down to 24V DC, and offers protection in hazardous location areas,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ LarsonElectronics.com. “This innovative low voltage blasting light eliminates the need for replacing bulbs and provides a light weight alternative to cumbersome blasting lights.” 

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of explosion proof work lights, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe LED lights, LED blasting lights, and explosion proof tank lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ full line of explosion proof lighting by visiting their website at Larsonelectronics.com.  Larson Electronics can be reached directly by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.