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Featured in this issue

Phenix Marble Gets New Life, by Peter J. Marcucci

Can Synchronous Flow Increase Your Profits?  by Ed Hill 

The 2016 Pinnacle Awards of Merit 

Vitória Stone Fair in Brazil Rescheduled for June 2017 

Surveys Improve Customer Satisfaction, by Sharon Koehler

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston

Trial by Fire: Lawyer’s Pants Set Ablaze During Arson Case

Bulletin Blunders

The Devil You Know, by Sam Venable

The Legacy of Phenix Marble

”New and Trending,”  by Sharon Koehler 

The Great Wisconsin Diaper Heist

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

NJ Driver Nabbed Owes $51,000 in Unpaid Tolls, Fees

How Are Trends Built?  by Michele Farry 

Road Closed; Gone Fishin’

Tools to Keep Installers Safe, by Jessica Sherwood

A Moment in Time: Telling the Stories in Stone, by Karin Kirk 

How Is Insurance Like a Parachute? by Randy Sadler

Don’t Move: Over 300 People Do Mannequin Challenge

Notable Quotes

Young Michigan man Gets Size 28+ Shoes, Thanks to 3-D Printer

2016 MIA Accreditation Class Honored at TISE

Mom Livestreams 10-Year-Old Son Driving Around Town

How to Create a Monolithic Marble Island, by Steven Schrenk 

The Funny Page

Dead Shark Discovered in Florida Wal-Mart Parking Lot

It’s an Ill Wind…

Looking for Great Employees?  by Mark McMunn

UCA Student’s Juggling Act Gets Him Off DUI Charge

Not-So-Sweet Escape: Gelato Leads Police to Burglary Suspect

Hey Umpire, Whattayou, Drunk?

Social Security Numbers of Ohio Inmates Supplied to Identity Thief 

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